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Got A Question?

Hi there...

Please contact me direct using email: becky@ezvelo.com

Please read before you post your question:

For Fitness Questions:

If you have a fitness or training question, feel free to contact me any time at becky@ezvelo.com or contact me via Message on Facebook. I look very much forward to helping you out with any training questions, - but please be mindful to keep your questions as concise as possible!  

Do note: if you have a specific medical condition, illness or coming back from a severe injury, I am not in a position to advise you on training around this. Please contact a medical professional instead. 

For Advertising Questions:

My Facebook page and all social media accounts are not available for free posting about your promotional events. If you wish to use my cycling audience to advertise, then we can absolutely arrange a shoutout for you on my social accounts for an agreed small daily fee. 

**I reserve the right to turn down any content that is not in alignment with EZVelo Publishing.

Extra Voluntary or Paid Contractual Work for you, your club or organisation:

You want to take me on for jobs for your clubs, events or social groups - or other voluntary or paid contractual agreements? Thank you for the offering, but this isn't for me at this time.  I'm already to capacity: voluntary with this blog and run an online store full-time.

For ALL Shop Questions:

Please go to the www.ezvelo.shop for all your queries regarding orders.


Other than the above, I really look forward to hearing from you, your cycling training questions or hearing your successes! This is what EZVelo is about - so drop me a line or just share your training or event successes on Facebook - or private messenge if that's easier.

Thanks for your understanding as my time is limited...

Look forward to helping you further,